Quick escape to Kenya

Last month I was lucky enough to be sent on my first trip to Kenya for Imagine Africa. It was a lovely short break, away from the cold British weather and into the hot sun of Africa. My week on safari took me from the Masai Mara, to Amboseli, Tsavo and finally the Kenyan coast. … Continue reading

Trekking Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya can be seen for miles around in Laikipia – and is the second highest peak in sub-saharan Africa (after Kilimanjaro). Before returning to the UK after a Gap Year in Kenya, Guy Webb headed up Mount Kenya – something a number of us in the office would love to do one day! Here … Continue reading

Bjorn Behlert

Introducing our new Africa Consultant, Bjorn! We asked him to tell him a bit about hisĀ amazing life in a nutshell, and to list all theĀ countries he has visited across the world Here is a little about me, where I have travelled to and which areas I know best. Born in Penang, Malaysia I first flew … Continue reading